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ProTA is a complete market analysis solution designed specifically for the

Mac OS X investor/trader.  Powerful features and ease-of-use are balanced in a way both beginners and seasoned traders will appreciate.

Gain Confidence

A full suite of integrated tools covers every aspect of computer-based charting and analysis:

• Fast, free, fully automated data downloading with additional support to import dozens of data formats

• Object-oriented charting interface offers easy point-and-click, intuitive control and total customization

• Tabular displays and rankings based on dozens of built-in fundamental or custom technical calculations

• Database scanning and ranking

• Trade system modeling and parameter optimization

• Over 100 bundled technical indicators, line studies, smartlists

• ProTAscript is a built-in trader's programming language: design your own models and analytics!

Make Better Trades

No other market analysis software offers all of the modern innovations included in ProTA.


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For complete details and step-by-step instructions for any of ProTA's features, please download the 230 page ProTA User Manual, or view it in your browser right now.

Recent additions:  See what's new in ProTA 4.1

Chart Suites

Data Maintenance

Authoring Custom Analytics

System Testing

Your Feature Requests Are Our Top Priority

BeeSoft has been committed exclusively to the Mac platform since 1995, and today ProTA is used worldwide in over 45 countries.   Thanks to our customer's support and

feedback, our feature list has grown to an unmatched level of

performance and productivity for the Mac OS X trader.

Stocks • Mutual Funds • Indexes • Futures • Options • Bonds • Spot Markets • General Market


Yahoo! Finance (fully automated via internet downloading, for personal use) • MetaStock ASCII formats • Spreadsheets (Excel, etc.) • Text files (Any tab, comma or space delimited formats) • ASCII Data DVD's • Dial Data (fully automated via internet downloading, account required) • Virtually any web-based data source that provides data in a comma, tab or space delimited format


• Securities: Unlimited in number, 100+ years of daily data per file

• Editing: Integrated spreadsheet-like interface

• Automatic Internet Downloading: Via Yahoo! (free for personal use) or Dial Data (optional, fee service)

• Importing: Universal Text Importer handles virtually all ASCII text formats; Copy/Paste entire files

• Manual data entry: Integrated spreadsheet-like interface

• Price Adjustments: Stock splits, Mutual Funds distributions, Futures continuous contract rollovers


• Chart Object-orientation: Total control over customization of all chart objects

• Chart Body: Customize colors and style for body background, main heading text, axes and gridlines

• Time (X) Axis: 100 levels of spacing/zoom, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Calendar periodicity automatically calculated and displayed, custom date range specification, blank date padding at end of chart

• Price (Y) Axes: Left/Right/Both/Hidden locations, automatic or manual scaling, logarithmic scaling

• Panes: Unlimited number of sub-panes per chart window; resize, relocate, zoom, hide any pane

• Plots & Line Studies: Unlimited in number and overlay, drag and drop to relocate, click to reconfigure color/style/parameters, merge overlays in a common price scale or use separate scaling

• Exporting: Any plotted Indicator or price line

• Text & Symbol Annotations: Unlimited; customize color, background, border; place arrows and/or text notes

• Cursor Tools: Crosshairs for color-coded pricing displays of all plots under the cursor; Line tool to draw trendlines and define line studies

• Templates: Unlimited; apply manually or assign to groups of charts

• Sequential Viewing: mouse click, keyboard shortcuts

• Multiple Chart Window Management: Grid tools, save Suites of charts (unlimited in size), automatic Content and/or Time Axis synchronization

• Printing: High resolution charts to your printer or pdf files


Accumulation/Distribution • Adjusted Data Lines • Advancing/Declining Issues • Average True Range • Bars • Bollinger Bands • Bollinger Put Volume Indicator • Bull/Bear Power • Candlesticks • Chaikin Oscillator • Commodity Channel Index • Comparison Overlays • Detrended Price Oscillator • Directional Movement System • Ease of Movement • Elder Ray • Force Index • Linear Regression Forecast (End-Point Moving Average) • Market Facilitation Index • Median Price • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) • McClellan Oscillator • Money Flow Index • Moving Averages (Simple, Exponential, Weighted) • Negative Volume Index • Net New Highs/Lows • On Balance Volume • Open Interest • Paint Bars • Parabolic SAR • Performance • Point & Figure • Positive Volume Index • Price Volume Trend • Put/Call Ratio • Rate of Change • Relative Performance • Relative Strength Index • Spreads • Standard Deviations • Stochastics • TRIN/Arms Index • Typical Price • Up/Down Volume • Volatility • Volume • Weighted Closes • Williams' Accumulation/Distribution • Williams' %R • Zig Zag


AROON Oscillator • AROON Up/Down • Balance of Market Power • Center of Gravity • Chande Momentum Oscillator • Chande TrendScore • Coppock Curve • Disparity Index • Guppy Multiple Moving Average • Historical Volatility Ratio • Inverse Fisher Transformation • Mass Index • Normalized RSI • PRO-GO • StochRSI • Trend Intensity Index • True Strength Index • Ulcer Index • Ultimate Oscillator • Vertical Horizontal Filter • Vortex Indicator • Calendar Month Performance • Day of Week Performance • Seasonal Performance • KST • Donchian Channels • Ichimoku • Keltner Channels


• Chart Customization: Colors, line styles, all computational parameters

• Bars: Paint certain bars a unique color based on your own technical conditions

• Candles: Built-in identification for over 20 common patterns

• Indicator Smoothing/Oscillators: Plot moving averages of Indicators; plot the difference between the indicator and its moving average (oscillator)


Cycle Lines • Fibonacci Retracements • Horizontal Line • Linear Regression • Range Ruler • Trendlines (Auto-snap to connect Highs or Lows) • Vertical Line


• Table Sorting: Based on any combination of fields

• Unlimited user-customized Columns Templates

• Drag-and-drop positioning and sizing of columns, add/remove securities individually or batch


• Dozens of automatically calculated table fields: • Security Name • Security Type • Quote values: Open High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest; Latest, One Day Prior, One Week Prior, One Month Prior, One Year Prior, End of Last Month, First of This Month, End of Last Year, First of This Year, First Date in Data File, Purchase Date, Specified Date • Price change: Raw Value or % Change; based on any pricing field; One Day, One Week, One Month, Three Months, Six Months, One Year, Week-to-Date, Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date, Since First Date in Data File, Since Purchase Date, Since Specified Date • Range: High - Low Price Range, High of Range, Low of Range, % From Range High, % From range Low, New High/Low Flag; same period options as listed above • Moving average comparisons: Simple, Exponential, Weighted; Raw Moving Average, Points Above/Below Moving Average, % Above/Below Moving Average, Above/Below Flag, Crossover Flag • Volume comparisons: Today's Volume vs. Average Volume • Candlestick Pattern • Quote File Audit • Combine TA ranking displays with Portfolio Tracking fields (below)


• User-input fields: • Purchase Date • Purchase Date • Number of Shares or Contracts • Multiplier (for Futures positions) • Purchase Price • Purchase Commission • Sales Date • Sales Price • Sales Commission • Trade Comments

• Automatically calculated fields: • Cost Basis • Sales Value • Days Owned • P&L • Return on Investment (ROI)

• Display and Rank: Extended Dollar or Per Share equivalents, open positions, close positions or all positions, P&L and ROI from purchase date or YTD, MTD, WTD, 12 month, one month, one week, one day, or since any specified date, raw or annualized ROI


• ProTAscript:  Built-in formula-writing language to design and implement your own analyses or those published by others in books/web sites: • 40 common pre-written indicator elements • 24 built-in Candlestick patterns • 20 Math functions (Sum, Log, Slope, etc.) • 4 Date functions (DayOfWeek, DayOfMonth, Day, Month) • Standard formula/programming operands (+, -, *, /, >, <, >=, <=, =, <>,AND, OR, etc.) • Dozens of special sub-functions to assist and ease the process of writing your own indicators (Highest, Lowest, BarsSince, CrossAbove, IsRising, PeakValue, etc.)


• Customize rules for: Enter Long, Exit Long, Enter Short, Exit Short • Specify stops: Stop Loss, Profit Stop, Trailing Stops, Inactivity Stops, Max Trade Len • Simulate real-world accounting: Commissions, Slippage, Idle Funds Interest Rate • Batch testing/ranking: Multiple securities or Multiple systems • Dozens of system/trade statistic results automatically provided: %winners/losers, drawdowns, risk/reward ratios, day analyses, trade analyses, trade listing, equity analysis, etc. • Charting displays: Buy/Sell arrows, shadings, P&L notations, PaintBars, equity line, etc.


• Maximum parameters to optimize per model: 5 • Optimizing options: Net P&L, % P&L, number of trades, Avg. P&L per trade, Max/Min Drawdown, Risk/Reward Ratio, vs. Buy&Hold, etc.


• Unlimited compound and multiple conditional criteria • Smartlist results: Sortable, rankable,  templatable


• TickerPicker: Instantaneous access to any security regardless of database size • Built-in 200 page pdf User Manual

• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and higher


Mac OS X Exclusive!


ProTA looks like a Mac app, runs like a Mac app, and behaves like a Mac app, because it is a

100% modern Mac OS X application written in Objective-C and Swift.

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